Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fear and Room Service

The time has come that I feared most.  

This is it.  

I don't have anything interesting to write about.  

This is every writers, blogger and frankly every girls worst night mare.  

I have become boring, washed up, a "has been."  

My creative juices have dried up.
These are my biggest fears and they have arrived, just in time for Christmas.

What shall I write about?  No one wants to hear that I am overwhelmed with the gluttonous nature of holidays and I can't stand all the stuff, people feeling obligated to buy gifts and the chaos of it all - what happened to the spirit of miracles, gratitude and those impeccably beautiful decorated sugar cookies?  I can't talk about my recent trip because what happens in Vegas, stays in ...well you know.  Really it was over the top fun and if I do say more, I would just be gloating. I don't really want you to know that  I am detoxing, yet again. Why can't you just imagine, that I ate well and was immensely kind to my liver while partying like I was invincible last week.  I can't positively write that upon returning home, my children have lost their mind, manners and privileges, and I want to say nasty terrible things.  I really do want to, but as I am attempting to teach them, I am "choosing" what behavior I have and mostly because someday they will read this and need more counseling than what is acceptable.  (Note to self: No one should be left alone with wild children after five days in Vegas.)  No one wants to hear about how excited I am that the only man on the planet who understands me named, "Aqua Man" is almost home! (Did I mention, there are only 74 minutes till he arrives?)  Everyone already knows that my horse is the only horse that can "talk" on the West Coast and that I am "the chosen one" he loves slightly more than his next feeding.  Or that my dog was groomed last week and they put two humiliating little Christmas bows on her.  After all she is an, intellectual genius trapped in an Australian Shepard's body.

This is what it has come to.  

I will tell you what happens in times like these is I inadvertently have multiple entrepreneurial seizures. I think it is my subconscious attempting to get control of my brain (and my body) to do something useful.  I don't know why I do it, I just do.  This is when I come up with, what I think in the moment, are incredible business opportunities.  I then market and produce incredible services and products that the world can't live without - all in my head over, and over, and over again.  It is not healthy, normal or sane.

I also cook.

I ride my bike.  

Then I have more "entrepreneurial seizures."

I try to read.

Then I have more "entrepreneurial seizures."

I nap.

Then I have more "entrepreneurial seizures."

You can see the pattern.

You know, I think I realize what the problem is...

I am still hung over!

I just want an Eggnog Latte with freshly ground nutmeg sprinkled on top. 


Did I mention, I absolutely love "room service?"

What do you love?  Help, is there anyone out there?  My comment section is working.  I need contact, please.  (Oh and please don't forget that latte?)  

40 more minutes...

Peace, Love and A Not So Smooth Re-Entry to Reality...A


  1. I love Random Bursts of Creative Energy! I love good friends that can get you through rough times. I love playing golf when it is so cold your nose turns red like Rudolph the red nose reindeer. I love that I can look back in my life with only a few regrets and knowing that each experience gives me a chance to improve myself. I Love that there is a tomorrow. I love knowing there are many more "Life Changing" moments to look forward to. I love to Believe....

  2. Pfft! I know you. I dont belive you have "nothing" to write about. I think you can't slow down your wicked fast mind so your keyboard can handle it.
    I also think Stella looks glamorous.
    And please share how the heck you are making the "nap" happen?!

  3. you are good writer, may I add writing about your childhood, father, brother,mother, school,
    growing up, young adult, carrer, first job, first date, school prom, competition so don't fear you are quite funny, creative, fearless

  4. Even your nothing interesting to say is brilliant! And funny and interesting! I read the whole thing in you voice in my head and laughed out load! Then I read it to Tom. Loved it! And we both love that view from your room! :)

  5. You always have something interesting to write about and I always enjoy reading it. Maybe we need to make a trip up there to give you some inspiration. Keep writing.
    Your Super Hero boyfriend,