Monday, November 7, 2011

Pig Hunting Issues

There are few things in the life that I have no desire to do.  Pig hunting is on my list.  I mean if I have to feed my starving babies, I would, but really NO THANKS.  I simply can't imagine what it might be like to stalk, track and kill a wild animal.  I think about it and my mind goes right to "snack time, what to wear and where is the lodge."  I have girl friends that really love it. I really love them and their raw admiration of the sport, but me, nope, no way Jose! I am not a hunter.  I cry at sport events because I feel bad for the other team.  I can't kill an animal however I have no problem eating them.  I can shoot a gun fairly well, arrange flowers, plan a "rad" party, flirt shamelessly, have a pretty good eye for design, systematize a company to run like a top, and make a great Caesar salad.  If it comes to protecting my children, I will chase down any and all punk like, disrespectful kids pull them out of their car, take their keys until they have their parents call me.  I guess the really issue here, is just that.

I have issues.

You all should really have compassion for me.  It is hard being me.  Imagine, cupcake maker noon and then "Compulsive (highly visual) Ninja Girl" just jumps out without notice causing chaos and havoc in my utterly charming hippy "wanna be" kind of day and my menu plan. 

It is just painful.  

I know, I know, "Why am I thinking about pig hunting?"

Alec and Aqua Man went pig hunting.  This is them Sunday morning at 430AM!  

Then, I could not sleep so I made roasted lemon chicken and vegetables. 
Then, I figured "why not roast two chickens" and so I made vegetable chicken soup. 

Then, I decided my pantry was a disaster so I gutted every kitchen cabinet, drawer and refrigerator and reorganized them. (You can't know, how much satisfaction this fills me with.)  

Then, I made cabbage salad (sorry, no picture today).  Then, Jillian wanted to make pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting, so we made those. (I think she may share my issues. However, she does want to go pig hunting.)

Then, I made coconut almond vanilla and chocolate macaroons.  
(You will love me for this one, later.)

Then, we went to ride and play with Kando. 

Then, I performed an exorcism on my closet.  I unpacked all my winter clothes and packed up my summer clothes.  (You know, got rid of all of those "those clothes that shrunk.")  

During and in between all of this I gave serious thought to the future of the world's value system, how can I make a difference, why people are obsessed with Kardashians? And a number of other things, I won't bore you with.  

Then, the pig hunters came home.   

They were gone 12 hours... expecting a long list of events, tales and stories, I eagerly asked, "How did it go?" They said, "It was great, we drove the Rhino and looked for pigs.  It was a blast."  (By the way, isn't this a nasty picture?)

Some times, I really wish it was that simple for me.  

Good news is, I have some delicious easy recipes to share. No, wild boar is not on the menu and I am not going to torture you (this week) with any more of my issues.  Maybe.

Peace, Love and Living with Issues and A Full Organized Refrigerator...A


  1. I'm so with you Alexis! And I wish I had been there for the organizing - that's my high! Ally

  2. Hey, I love a good pork chop and a pork roast... but seeing it hanging from a hoof is a little... unappetizing.
    I don't want to know where it came from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    La la la la la ...
    Country livin"...
    XO C
    PS Kardashians who ?

  3. That sounds like a great day! Nice mermaids! ; )