Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary

You are probably wondering why I wrote about "The Day I Met 'The One."  It was a history lesson preparing you for this.

Remember, "I wanted to kick him in the shin..."  

Well, this is what happens after a little hostile flirting.  

(I found this in my journal, apparently 
I wrote this in preparation for our wedding....)

"It shall be a typical fall morning in the Diablo Valley.  People will drive through rustic country roads to find a small white school house built in the 1800s.   Upon arriving to the mysterious location, Enigma and Forrest People music shall be playing softly in the background, as people entered the old fashioned gates leading to the play ground of the school house. There will be an abundance of beautiful fall leaves on the ground and the majestic oak trees shall be adorned with decadent yet simple gold burlap bows.  Pots of Paper White Narcissus on the side tables creating a sweet smell, as people arrive. The smell of hot cider served notes the season.  While sipping cider, our love ones will be gathering, greeting each other with excitement. Lots of children will be running about while our guests anxiously await for the ceremony to begin.

The sound of horse hooves clapping on pavement get closer.  School bells ring letting please know it is time for the celebration to begin.  A red stage coach pulls up filled will my best girls.  Our brothers open the doors, then hold each girls hand, helping them out, before it is their turn to walk down the aisle..."

Someday I will write a book for my kids about our love story.  Until then, and for the record, I don't remember writing this.  (I probably won't remember writing this post, tomorrow.) However, it was and is still not unusual for me to "write" or "mind dump" regarding a project so that I can clear my mind, and then execute the details to create it.  

I think the thing I love the most about him, is will never be able to "write out" or "plan" anything about him.   No logic, no reason, just flat out want to "kick him in the shin." 
Simply, I just dig him.

What I remember most about this day, 15 years ago is, 
"I just wanted was to marry 'him' as fast as possible."  

I felt like a cat who had just ate a mouse. 

Let me just say, "It was a very good mouse."  

I could have never planned to be loved by such an amazing man.

Happy Anniversary, to the best "snack" a girl could ever ask for.

I will love you, forever.

Peace, Love and Still Snacking...A

PS  A wise woman once told me, "Ninety percent of a woman's happiness, depends on the choice of her mate."  Choose well.


  1. Happy 15 years to you too honey...I am blessed to have you in my life. I as well will love you forever..Thank you

  2. Here's to many many more!....cheers and happy anniversary!
    M taylor

  3. Job well done...Conrats guys ! What a day it was...
    It was probably the first time an entire wedding party had to throw away their clothes after the party because they were covered in mud...but THATS another story:)
    Then again, maybe it was just my outfit ?
    Love to the bride and the groom:)
    XOXO Cass

  4. What a wonderful story and even more beautiful memory. It's a wonderful thing when you find that special one who is the missing piece. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

  5. What a sweet story to read-- better than a fairy tale!
    So good for you to share your love with the public in such a beautifully verbal and photogenic way.
    It makes my day!
    Congrats & much love to you both!

    P. Newman

  6. OH MY GOODNESSS... : ) Happy Anniversary! ps I love your mind dumping.. it's brilliant