Wednesday, October 5, 2011


He is loyal (perfect for insecure Mermaids), simple (excellent for complicated types), principled (often not conducive for conflicted Mermaids), sexy (extremely beneficial for highly visual Mermaids), playful (absolutely necessary for introverted Mermaid) funny (really helpful for over serious critical Mermaid), loves to help people (highly annoying and highly attractive depending on ones mood that day), honest (often to a fault), and cherishes his friends and family. 

If you ask him what his theme word motto is, he would say, “Thank You.”

If you ask him what he does, he would, say “I am a husband and a father.”  As he prides himself on this; and values these things most.

If you ask him what makes him happy, he would say, “a happy wife.”  (Because, we all know, I am hard to please.)

If you ask anyone about him, they would say, “He is fun likes to go fast!”

If you ask me, “What I am I trying to say?”  I would say,

“I am grateful that he was born today and ever day.  I am blessed to spend my life with him.   He is an incredible husband, a best friend, an amazing father, a wonderful loving son, 
and a true friend to many.” 

What more could a girl (or Mermaid) ask for?

Happy Birthday, Aqua Man I will love you forever.

Peace, Love and May you all have an "Aqua Man" in your life....A


  1. What an extremely sweet way to wish your man a happy birthday! I love that you have an aqua man!! Mine is not an aqua man per se, but he is perfect for me!!

  2. aweee tear! : ) Happy Birthday Aqua Man!!!

  3. Very nice A...and happy birthday Aqua Man just don't go too fast...

  4. Very nice tribute to that hunk of a husband. I may not have an aqua man but I do have a Tarzan. Give Kelly big hugs and love from us.

  5. That is wonderful. Thank you so much for giving us a peek into your life! All my best to you all!

  6. What a beautiful visualization of your AquaMan. Happy Birthday to Kelly!!! Allyson