Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thank You Squared

You know when you are about 25 years old and you think that there is nothing better than being thin, fitting in to your "skinny jeans," lots of boys "dig" you and you just got a bonus check?  

Well, multiply that times 100, and then square that, and that is a fraction of the amount of joy
 when you are a Mama...

And when your little girl experiences something you love for the first time and loves it too....

And every where you look people are wearing tutus...(this will never get old)

And when she thinks your cool....

And when she as excited about room service as you do....

And your other "Mama" and daughter friends are with you....

Or when you are driving home and she says, "Thank You."

Jillian participated in her first "cycling event."  She rode 33 miles and 
I am so grateful to be her "Mama."

Peace, Love and Thank You...A


  1. Wow way to go!! 33 miles is super far!! ... and you're right on the money mermaid mama : ) LOVE this post !

  2. wonderful post! wonderful pics! wonderful mama!

  3. yea yea we all know girls rock :)

    do you actually have to be a girl or can you just dress up like one? :D

    good job looks fun

  4. Love it. I never thought I missed being the mother of girls but your article makes me wish I had a daughter.

  5. That is so very wonderfully sweet!!!