Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scary Stuff

There are things that I do purely for my ego.  Then there are things I do because they feel good.  And, there are a few that I do because they are good for me.  Then there are some things I do, that I cannot figure out why I was ever drawn to even think I should do. But then, I still do them and this is one of them.  

Those things are usually for my children.

Rotten, cute, stinky, crazy, wild, uncontrollable children....

Why, you might ask? 

Frankly, I am a sucker for my kids.  And thank God, they don't read my blog, because they pretty much have me at "Can I?"  I pretend to have boundaries and if you ask them, they wold say I am the strictest, most demanding Mom on the planet.  

Recently they asked to have a sleepover and scavenger hunt, with five of their nearest and dearest.  I negotiated three, failing to remember they were not included in the equation and there was two of them.  So there was eight.  Now for most mature, stable and responsible Moms, that have wanted to do this since they were born (that is responsible and nurturing types) this may not seem like a big deal.  But for me, I would be "happy as a clam," analyzing a spread sheet, blogging, creating projections, solving the worlds problems, having a deep intellectually stimulating conversation with a glass of 30 year old Scotch, while located in a remote private ski resort in the Swiss Alps with a fabulous pair of boots and cashmere on. So the reality of eight crazy little monsters at my house, over night in costume basically terrifies me.  

My plan  to pump them full of sugar and wear them out so they would go to sleep (hopefully early) -failed.  

May the force be with you this fall season; trust me its scary.  

I need at least another week to recover.  My dog needs at least two weeks.

Peace, Love and A Candy Corn Comma....A


  1. Wow, Is that a BIG GREEN EGG behind that tired looking woman on the couch? your husband is a lucky man !!!

  2. I think most moms are probably scared of a house full of kids + sugar. You are just one of the few who is honest enough to admit it.