Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I can't "boot" the old boyfriend!

Did I ever mention, that I have an annoying old boyfriend that somehow ended up being best-friends with my husband?  (I know, how does this happen?)  Who have to believe me when I say, he only has one charming quality.  I don't know how, but he has once again, got amazingly lucky and somehow convinced, quite possibly one of the coolest chicks on the planet to be his wife.  However, "Her husband, my old boyfriend" still "annoys me" whenever possible.  I can't shake him, but really love her and it gets better....

This is Terri.  For all one knows, every cowboys dream come true... Terri is a rare breed.  Frankly, I am just glad I dated Dave, because in the end we all got, Terri.  She is one of those "straight shooter" types that speaks less, listens more who possesses simple "salt of the earth" wisdom that you hinge on every word that is going to come out of her mouth.  Her quite stealth nature is just the outer skin that binds her  hard working creativity into one of the country's most sought after custom boot makers.  This Midwestern born country girl doesn't just have one gun in her belt; she won't tell you in on all her secrets but she is swift  litigator and executive by day, and a huntress leather wrangler by night.  In between, she somehow manages to provide one of a kind custom boots and accessories to those with distinct taste and well fed bank accounts.  Each pair of hand crafted boots takes many months to create and not until the final hour will she know if the custom fit is truly a fit.  Her following will often wait two years for "a pair" of her creations.  

Although not everything Terri fashions comes in pairs, this lovely little prize, there is only one of.  Boys you positively want to hold to your chicken nuggets; because the unlucky donor or this pouch has one less scrotum.  This is a Buffalo Cape Purse and, yes, it is made from a Buffalo's scrotum.  (Notice, I capitalized "Buffalo" while referring to his "business" a second time.  I felt like he deserves a little respect.)  For all my Christian friends who are not doctors and that have no clue what a "scrotum" is. There is a reason, it is not this pretty.  (Do not look it up.  And remember you love me.)

Terri (and "what's his face") live in a beautiful home with a detached art and boot making studio.  This heavenly set up is nestled in the vineyards of the beautiful Napa Valley Wine Country (where I am dispatching from now).   Like a fine wine, Terri is one of few with the lost skill of boot making.   Handed down from her teachers, she carries a cloak of legacy feeling the responsibility  to "pay it forward" and  will  inevitably pass the craft on.  Her commitment and passion fascinates me, as many trades that take a lifetime to learn and then some machine that will make it faster and cheaper will replace it.  There is no replacing love, human hands and pure intuition of any art.

I love coming to visit, because their life is so refreshingly authentic.  (This means I can walk around in my pajamas no one cares.)  Aside from the great coffee and wine,  I am always inspired when see the assorted pairs of custom sized boot forms lined up on old baking racks awaiting the skin that will cover them.  Hundreds of hide, fur and skins in a rainbow of colors and textures hang from the walls and the smell of leather and fresh air settles my soul.  The clank of the gate entering a back courtyard swings open accepting visitors while Buck, the calmest over sized black Labrador wonders around till he finds his favorite spot by Terri's side.  By dusk the outdoor fireplace facing a magnificent vineyard is crackling.  Watching the sunset, laughing about old times is found here as the boys rib each other and banter about who played a better golf.  On the other side of the sofa, Terri and I relish about the smell of horse stables and plot our way to National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.

At the end of the day, when all are silent, Terri's soft yet strong voice, would say, "It is just good medicine."  You know what I say, "Thank God, for old boyfriends who get lucky."  (Speaking of lucky, where is "Trisha?"  She is getting some "Bella Rocca" Olive Oil.)

For more information about Terri's visit:

Peace, Love and An Old Boyfriend to Boot....A


  1. I don't know what I love more..the boots, the dog, the snack platter or the studio..
    I give it all a 10 ! Hope to see you cowgirls at the NFR:)
    I'll look for two giant camel toes ...
    Xo c

  2. ahem.. Buck said the pic you took of him made him look fat.

  3. Fixated on those boots! Can Mermaid Ranch also be a "super cool boot club", and can I be a member....pretty please!!??