Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Freebie; Oil Up Baby

We live in the country.  Some might say, "It is way out there."  Perhaps they are right; living out in the "sticks" means I get a bunch of mail because it is easier than braving the real world.  Many packages are expected and some unexpected.  As you may have read in a prior post.  We still get a little giddy when the mail comes.  A few weeks back, I got a lot "giddy."   A random surprise arrived from an old friend; and I love surprises! (Contrary to my control issues.)

The box was very heavy and looked like it had come many miles by cover wagon, by the shape the box was in.  Fortunately there was  no damage to the precious cargo because it would have a been a big mess.  Upon carefully opening I found that I was the recipient of, a case of Bella Rocca Olive Oil.  No card; just oil.  After a little research I discovered that our friend Ken had sent us this lovely gift.  Ken apparently has an interest in Olive Oil.  And a case just doesn't require a card.

When Aqua Man called to thank him, he enthusiastically encouraged us to drink it and "You will live forever!"  I don't think he meant "forever," but I think he was trying to say, he cares about us and it is really good stuff.  Apparently this harvest is exceptionally important because it is a very pure form; so this stuff is pure "manna."  Speaking of "manna," Manuel (my Mac) (he likes it when I talk dirty to him) and I did a little Olive Oil research on and this is what we found...
  • Helps prevent heart disease. (Apparently in Mediterranean cultures there is almost death due to heart disease because they prefer to use Olive Oil.)
  • Excellent for digestion and a healthy digestive tract (Don't get me started on this subject.)
  • Helps prevent stomach ulcers (So all you "worry warts," drink up!)
  • When used on your skin Olive Oil contains vitamins that delay the signs of aging. (I will be bathing in this.)
  • Contains poly phenols, an antioxidant that help our cells not age, which are thought to prevent cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and diabetes. (Again, filling up the tub now.)
  • It is monounsaturated fat that is linked to lowering LDL "the bad" cholesterol, while encouraging our HDL "the good" cholesterol.  
  • Buy in small quantities to maintain freshness.  (So long Costco.)
  • Do not expose your Olive Oil to a lot of light, because it damages the antioxidant properties. Buy in cans or dark colored container. Keep the container sealed tightly. (Crazy what you find on the Internet - who knows this stuff?)
  • If you want the most amount of antioxidants use a room temperature or cook at low temperature.  (So don't deep fry ice cream in it.)
  • Rocca Bella means, "Beautiful Rock."  I love this; it is so romantic.
Don't know why our friend sent this.  But I love it and I am sure he would want me to  share it with you!  Ken where ever you are, "We love you and thank you."  Thank you for growing olives and surprising us.  It was just another day in country and a case of "anti aging vitamins, health benefits and antioxidants" arrived at my front door.  What a heavenly way to give love, be loved and drink love.

So, you know the drill.  It's a FREEBIE and its time to OIL UP my friends.

Just tell me your favorite Olive Oil use (oh, this is going to be good)....And the lucky comment will be sent two gorgeous bottles of "Rocca Bella Olive Oil."  Pure "amore" coming your way.

Peace, Love and I "Olive" You,  A

Mi avete calcolato fuori vi volete parlare con me? 


  1. my fave way to use it is in a bath with crushed up lavender! it will change your life!!! love you!

  2. I love to carmelize onions and butternut squash with it. This probably burns up some of the antioxidant qualities, but the taste is amazing. BTW, how did I not know the name of your Mac?

  3. just made a greek yogurt and olive oil crushed
    fresh mint wonderful dressing drink as smoothies
    as early starter

  4. I LOVE olive oil and use it in everything! My favorite smell is onions & garlic sauted in the stuff. I had the opportunity to go to school in Italy when I was a teenager and remember the olive picking trips, and can still smell the dark pantry full of fresh pressed oil.....hmmm memories :) Ps....I love the bath ideas!
    Merry Taylor

  5. I don't know if I have a favorite olive oil but I once bought a beautiful green can of it in France and it made me happy. So I kept the can even when it ran out and put my oil in it when I remember. It makes me feel frenchy. :)

  6. Olive oil is an amazing conditioner for dry hair. Mix with an egg and just massage in. Remember to rinse in warm (not hot) water so not to fry the egg. Also an excellent massage oil for post facial scrubs/masks. I love it rubbed on whole onions and garlic that are roasted over a fire so you get that yummy slow carmelization. Way too many uses to think of a favorite. Be sure to check out Love at First Crush - the freebie annual festival at Paccific Sun Olive Orchard Nov. 5th.

  7. I used to make soaps, lotions and scrubs for fun while living on Kauai and one of my recipes was called Keiki butt balm. Keiki meaning baby in Hawaiian. I would make this lovely diaper rash salve from olive oil infused with calendula and other secret ingredients which has great healing properties. It made a really awesome diaper cream or skin conditioner.

  8. On top of Naan with a couple slices of tomato, mozzarella, and fresh basil. Yumm.