Saturday, October 29, 2011

Eight Inches, Elvira and Uncle Fester

I recently had an epiphany.

Upon returning from Alaska, I was sent this very disturbing picture.

I clearly look like Elvira, and Aqua Man, looks like Uncle Fester.  This bothered me so much that I felt I needed to do something drastic. Uncle Fester, I mean Aqua Man, likes looking like himself so, I knew I could not count on him to save us.  However, my fragile ego was traumatized.  By the way...A big THANKS, to all my "friends" who allowed me to sport this look for as long as I did.  This is like not telling a "friend" they have a big piece of cilantro stuck in their teeth, at 11 o'clock.  Remember this, my so not helpful "friends," we will eventually have to go to Mexican food.  

Scared and skeptical of making a change, I knew I could not live as Elvira for much l
longer.  Therefor, I was forced to face "photo booth" and make a plan.



Eight inches later, I am still crazy about Uncle Fester, I mean Aqua Man.

Peace, Love and May eight inches change your life.... A