Monday, September 26, 2011

Wigged Out

Let me just start with, “The identities will not be disclosed to protect the innocent.” You may find the below content disturbing.  If you start to fantasize about being included in “Wigboat 2012” please feel free to subscribe via email on the right of this page.  Or if you would like to be the recipient of a 
FREEBIE "party pack of 12 mustaches"  I guarantee they will change your life. 
When you plan to hang out with some of your favorite girl friends, the mission is obviously to have fun, bond and love on each other.  This year we decided to invite boys on our annual “girls” houseboat trip.  Being that I am a neurotic planner, this is the email I sent to prepare those coming:
Attn.: House-boaters,
This is your "cruise director.”
You will not be permitted to board any water crafts unless you are wearing a wig, toupee, inappropriate hat or head dress, tutu, mustache or speedo.  
Please bring one of the following items.  
Thank you.
A -Your Official Cruise Director 
Knowing “my girls” are all strong, bold and full of personality, I was anticipating “my girls” would be the primary participators of this request.  However I now realize that when “super fun rad chicks” are accompanied by “macho alpha males” you just can’t plan what is going to happen...

They drive boats. 

They handle business. (I love this super sexy business man.)

They grow mustaches?

They bond. 

They shoot stuff (and responsibly wear ear protection).

They play golf. (I love it when “he" golfs without a shirt on.)

We play games. 

We shoot stuff.

We play golf.

When your kids come to visit for the day....We worry “the apple does not fall far from the tree.”

I worry that I may be creating future “Village People.”

They pick up supplies. (Yes, in public.)

We bond and love each other.

We worry that this trip has unlocked some buried secret identity. (There is a speedo involved here.)

We eat lots bacon.  (This may be more like “I ate lots of bacon.”)

We give thanks.
Thank you to all “my girls” and “men” I love all of you.  Mission accomplished.

Peace, Love and BE Wigged Out.... A

PS If you are hoping for the FREEBIE "Party Pack of 12 Mustaches" They are unused; and be sure to "verify" the email that is sent after you "subscribe via email."  I will send the "chosen one" a dozen these life changing mustaches.


  1. that is just awesome. :)


  2. Thanks for hosting such an amazing trip. You guys went above and beyond again! Love, love, love you!

  3. I love reading about you living life! Big love to you - friend!!