Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This is Heavy and Winner Is...

It has been a very busy weekend.  I am sorry for not announcing this sooner however, I became  a "Mama" again.  This beautiful guy was delivered on Sunday and needless to say, I have been preoccupied with this baby.  Kando an Overo Paint Quarter Horse is the newest addition to our family.  After a day of getting settled in, he is adjusting nicely to his new home.  He is making friends with the others and is truly my biggest baby.  Kando came to us via a forwarded email; so do not disregard those forwards, you never know what kind of blessing may be yours!  After several emails and many weeks of excitement and anticipation 
he is finally here.  

I feel so blessed and know that he has come to us as a gift from God.  Who would think that God works through the Internet?   Like many gifts that have come to us lately, one can only wonder if we are truly living a God driven life and that we are hearing his voice?  I have recently taken some time off to pursue relationship and learn how to hear and listen better.  The Mermaid Ranch is a product of this. This idea has been in my heart for some time now.  I feel now that I am encouraged, and not until recently did I have the courage to begin.  My most sincere wish is that through these musings that you also are encouraged.  I also hope that you feel love and inspired, to perhaps follow the voice inside of you.  "It is not until you step off a cliff will you realize that faith is knowing there will be something else to stand on or you will learn how to fly."  I realize this is pretty heavy for a Monday evening post (I know some of you may be thinking I am partying by myself); have no fear 
I will most likely be back to my (more) odd goofy ways tomorrow.

Many have asked "what's up with The Mermaid Ranch."  I usually answer with,  "Well, uh, it is a just a creative project that I am trying out."  But the truth is, I want to have a relationship with you and hope in some way that I bring you joy!

Tonight, I wanted you to know that because of several relationships, our lives have been forever changed.  Kando is here and joy is in the house (and the barn). 

I hope it is in your house too, and that it comes regularly via the Internet!  (Hopefully you don't have dial up.)

Or... as in the winner of "The Box"...which is in Merry Taylor's case; via a "The Box" via the Internet, via Proctor and Gamble...via you know who.  Merry your box is being delivered!

Peace, Love and "I Kando"... A

PS:  Check this gift out. Thank you for making my dreams come true, Aqua Man.  I love you.


  1. Yay...Here I am! Thank you :)
    Congratulations on your beautiful addition, he's gorgeous! Keep up blogs coming...I LOVE them. Blessings to you my friend
    Merry Taylor

  2. Awe Kando! I love it! and I love how in tune you are with what God's doing in you and through you.. you are such a breath of fresh are for so many. <3

  3. so fun. I loved having horses when growing up.