Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Detox Cocktail

After "Wigboat," naturally you might think, "what could be next?"  

I am in recovery and training mode because I am riding a metric century in five days.  

Lesson #1; don't schedule cycling event within 30 days after "Wigboat."

Join me in this big push to ready myself for a 64 mile ride at the Princess Promenade in Sacramento.  After rum, coconut cake and bacon last week, this is how I am starting my day with this week.  I am also praying for miraculous weight loss and a perky boobs, just because. 

Detox Cocktail:  is loaded with lots of vitamins, an abundance of vitamins A, K, C, fiber
and natural raw goodness.  

4 Organic Carrots
6 Big Dark Green Kale Leaves
1 Organic Apple (no core)
1 thumb size chunk of fresh Ginger

Wash all. Remove core and seeds from apple.  Remove skin of apples if waxed. Peel skin of ginger.  Juice all together and stir.  Drink immediately (vitamins are lost if you wait) without making a funny face.  Repeat to self, I will not wear wigs, bad sunglasses and drink Mojitos. Repeat again, and again.

Lesson #2; if you play you pay. 

See you in Sacramento, with thousands of crazy, driven, competitive, fun loving, cycling obsessed women.  Did I mention there are tutu's and tiara's at this event?  Good news; I think I have a mustache and a "Madonna cone bra" left over that will come in handy.

Lesson #3, every thing works out just the way it is supposed to.

Peace, Love and a juice mustache... A


  1. I think you like dress up events!

  2. YOU CAN DO IT!!!......Ed can help! Good Luck :)
    Merry T


    I'm with you on "praying for weight loss and perky boobs"!