Thursday, September 15, 2011

The "Box"

Remember when a box would arrive at your front door the excitement you once had?  Yeah, I don’t either.  Probably from “relentless demand” damage I have done to my brain.  My kids still get excited about things like this.  I am fascinated with the way they run through the house, fight over it and beg to be the one that gets open the package.  Even if the box is not for them, they don’t care, they just want to be the one who gets to open it first.  (Picture me screaming “quit fighting!”)  I was going to tell you another story about “a box” but tonight Aqua Man is grumpy and told me my post was “inappropriate.”   Now I’m grumpy.  (I know, completely dysfunctional.)  Besides, the only “box” I get excited about these days, is a bento box.  And...this one!  
“You Need To Open This Box....”
“The box” is courtesy of Proctor and Gamble; these lovely people with great vision had a huge display educating all of us Blogher11 attendees about their eco-friendly products.  After spoiling us with fun, games, information and samples the spoiling did not stop!  Upon arriving home, giant boxes of P&G products arrives for us to sample, use or give away.  After being educated I did some research on them and I love this diagram that shows the company’s intention.  I find it simple (which I like), impressive and very forward thinking.  One thing these big corporate “Joe's” have, is the resources to affect people on a large scale so when they do it consciously in a grass roots kind of way, I am impressed.  (Because you know, I can be a hippy snob.)

Guess what this “hippy snob” is going to “spoil” you with? 
That is right!  A giant box of goodies (worth over a $100) from our friends at P&G! Just tell me what you had (or wished you had) for lunch and the chosen lunch will be sent a big freebie box of goodies absolutely FREE.

Big “woot woot” and thank you to P&G for supporting us Bloggers and giving us free stuff to our peeps.  I love that you good “Joe’s,” support us local women and moms in having a voice. 

Ladies, I think they figured our how powerful we really are.  Be empowered and tell me what you had for lunch.
Peace, Love and “Joe” is thinking outside the box..A
Here is a little help to get you is just a few things that are in the box: Swifter Dusting Kit, Frebrez Air Freshener, Frebrez Carpet and Fabric Freshener, Mascara, Vicks Cold and Sinus, Bounty Paper Towels, Olay Skin Care, Pantene Deep Conditioning Treatments, Tampax, Always, Cascade.....and more great stuff we use everyday!


  1. Leftovers!! mad rush out of the house this morning, only gave me time to throw into the pink polka-dotted lunch bag....Chicken spinach pasta alfredo. Always good the next day (or the next, in my case). Oh and carrots with pine-nut hummus. mmmm
    Merry Taylor

  2. I have an order in for a BIG FAT JUICY HAMBURGER from the GARAGE (a great soup and burger spot on Main Street in Bozeman) I ordered the STUDEBAKER which comes with spicy blue cheese, fresh spinach & bacon and an order of sweet potato fries. Check it :

  3. Haven't eaten yet. I need to reread the "Relentless Demand" post.
    Love the new look of your blog. You've been busy. Which makes me want to catch up. Which makes me think I need to keep reading Relentless Demand until I get it.


  4. Food would have been nice. I can't eat. Had surgery on lip/face to remove cancer and I am swollen and sore. No chewing for this girl for a few days. So I sucked warm broth through a straw. Fish tacos sound oh so yummy. :)
    Diane P.

  5. I had a Carmel Macchiato from Starbuck's and that's it. Racing to get my son's portfolio in before the deadline. I wish I'd had a grilled cheese sandwich charbroil style (all the burger fixings), onion rings with the BQ sauce that they keep behind the counter (?why they do that?!?). I wish I had something decadent & comforty today because I have a minor case of the blues.
    I love your new look too! So sophisticated and calming. Also super curious about the other "box" story. Hmmm.

  6. I had the best,most delicious mouthful of roast turkey, wished I had fresh baked whole wheat bread and a curried mayo go with!
    Kim Nemchick

  7. I had yogurt and ritz crackers but I was craving red robin bbq chicken wrap all day!!!
    love you!

  8. A bite of my three year old's spinach, ham and cheese omelet, which a more balanced and filling lunch than usually! Motherhood is what it is, and I love it!