Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Confession and The First Day of School


Hi Everyone, 
I am running around like a heroine addict looking for a fix.  Since I proudly admit I have not done heroine, I have no idea what this looks like but my imagination sees it like this: eyes bugged out, hair totally messed up (not in a cool way), bad outfit (Nike Dryfit that is not fitting well), frantically looking at a clock or in my case checking my iphone while dually making sure no one has called, driving erratically (well just a little but no children were in the car), rubbing their face, fiddling with hair, tapping steering wheel wanting the person ahead of them to hurry up; while thinking that no one is noticing.  

Crazy people don't like to be photographed. These are normal.

Why am I confessing this to you?  Well, because you should know that you read the blog of a “crazy” person this is one of those days, that I am nuts!   Completely and totally nuts!  After a weeks of planning for today, I found myself behind again. Shopping for school supplies, getting groceries, doing laundry, house cleaning, getting the schedule and calendar organized and fifty other things on my list! Why this day opposed to any Tuesday, you ask?  Because today, I had the delusion that on the first day of school,  I would be lying by the pool relaxing (and feeling entitled) with eight extra hours to do whatever I wanted.  As you can see this was not the case.
Hi I am addicted to fantasizing about unrealistic scenarios and my name is Alexis.
By the way, the winner of the Pottery Barn gift card is Outlander Creative. Congratulations, an addict has just sent you a gift.
Is there anyone else out there that is crazy? Or...do you just like to read about crazy people?  

That makes you nuts too and I love you.
Peace, Love and Addicts Need Friends Too, A.


  1. Remember when your parents referred to "other families" as "normal", inferring all the while your family must be nuts! When was it you figured out there is no such thing as "normal"? A "normal" family would be so incredibly boring, most would never want to hear about them. Crazy is awesome! I don't have much interest for anyone who's not. Is it crazy I love you and your writing? That's irrelevant. This is real, inspiring, guilt free, and fantastically true....cheers to the honesty.

  2. Ugh... I thought I was the only one..this makes me feel much better :)
    Who would ever think you would be seen wearing Nike dryfit pants with a cameltoe and a muffin top..I mean what is this flashback 1986??
    Start wearing what I call my "suit"..aka my bathrobe to carpool..in leopard print of course... old school baby ! Except no rollers in my hair....yet...

  3. @CL be careful, I know there are some compromising outfits you have worn in your day....Respect the muffin top, baby!

  4. Crazy is trying to run your career on a federal schedule and federal budget without the guidance of a true federal schedule or federal budget, getting funds that do not yet exist to cooperators who needed them last June, getting the shopping done (oops the dogs are out of kibble), getting the kids to school, getting the husband to school, getting the house clean and remodeling done, getting dinner on the table, garbage to the curb, getting beetle traps out of the forest and the bugs sorted, counted and sent to the lab, getting visiting relatives to provide a schedule and wish list of "to-do" items, and did I get a shower yet today? Normal would be boring, that is why we have wine (whine?), chocolate and beautiful music.

  5. @CS amen, who are you; you beautiful "masked" one? well said....my friend. thank you!

  6. Hello, I have that same unrealistic scenario and my name is Alexis' best friend. I think it is my crazy dreamland and alter ego that keeps me sane! Thanks for standing in your underwear.

    PS. I don't see houseboat on that schedule.