Thursday, August 4, 2011

wanted: super hero with benefits

this is my Aqua Man.  he looks like a cowboy but looks can be deceiving. he is a cowboy, boat racer, water lover, surfer, fixer of all things and in love with a mermaid.  hence "Aqua Man."  i married this super hero of his butt.  i don't have a great butt, and i figured i would great offspring with great butts (and webbed feet). and i did, but that is another story.

we met in the ridiculous hours of the morning while riding with my girl friends.  after hearing gun shots (he was hunting) we galloped over to that side of the property with thoughts of dragging "the uninvited" behind our horses.  upon meeting he flirted and i was irritated.  i was immediately hostile towards him.  (i still can remember the feeling of wanting to kick him in the shin, as if i was in the 2nd grade when i wanted the attention of a cute boy).   it was instant attraction.  at this time, i was a mess,  (i was reading "10 stupid things women do to mess up their lives") and not in a space to be nice to a cute boy.  needless to say,  it was lust at first sight, need i say more....

through lust, came friendship and ultimately love (i know, i don't do things in order).  we married, after which, someone told me that "90% of a woman's happiness is determined by the choice of her mate."  this bothered me.  being a self sufficient, independent woman, believing i am responsible for my own happiness i rejected this. i was irritated and hostile (imagine that).  however, after 17 years i know that this is true.

if you are interested in becoming who you are truly supposed to be, you need the following:

  • unconditional love
  • patience
  • self acceptance 
  • willingness to embrace change
  • persistence

and a super hero...


  1. I would absolutely agree. I don't have a super hero I have a personal cheerleader and I couldn't be who I am without that.

    Lovely to meet you!

  2. I love this post. In love with the way you write and feeling very lucky to have my own super all is need to do is work on my own self love.