Friday, August 12, 2011

i spy; a woman with issues

I have issues.  For a long time I thought there was something wrong with me (note to all: this is not a good thing to believe). 

And there is.

“One” of my issues is that, I cannot, let me repeat, cannot be without avocados in my house.  It is like not having any toilet paper for some.  But for me, it’s AVOCADOS.   My friends and family don’t know but I am always in search of the perfect “one”.  While at a grocery store or market I am first obsessed with strategically, quietly eyeballing and scanning the mass of avocados; deciding if the there is an ultra ripe few that will mature in the next few days or if there is one that will be perfect for tomorrow (fully knowing I still have 1 or 2 at home), or if I need 3 or 12 just to have on hand.  No one knows that this is happening.  Sometimes I don’t even get close to the heap.  I stroll around the other (unworthy) produce and then very nonchalantly put those chosen ones in my kart.  This is how an addicted behavior looks (more to come on that). No one knows.  Now, you all know.

I think this is how it started. 

It is the all time perfect breakfast or snack.    

(I love to snack.)

Cado Toast

½ - 1 avocado
2 slices of your favorite bread
Really good olive oil
Himalayan or French Celtic sea salt (very important)
Coarsely ground pepper

Directions:  Toast your favorite bread.  Drizzle with really good olive oil.  (I love this one  from Lucero mostly because the founder is super cute and a great marketer.  His name is Dewey.  I stocked him on face book found out that he is a triathlete with great olive oil. And…) Oh sorry, back to directions….  Slice (my preference; due to order issues) or mash and spread (this my BFF at 6girls3boys  she is normally perfect so I think this is her hostile side manifesting) the perfect avocado onto the bread. Then salt and pepper to your little hearts desire.
my way
i know, hostile -poor cados
You can also add smoked salmon (put under the avocado it is to slippery to go on top, or arugula (under) or tomatoes (on top).  Or, all of the above.


Peace, love and spying on avocados,  A


  1. LOL.. I love this toast! .. I love this post! you're soo funny I can totally picture you spying the cado section.. I feel ya.. this issue is growing for me : )

    Jon's going to love the other toppings.. I gotta make him a cado toast with salmon!!

  2. I love your issues. I think I have the same one. Thanks for introducing me to the wonderful addiction of cado toast.

  3. Alexis - I knew there was more to why I liked you. I, too, am an addict! Ally

  4. I thought of you today while I was obsesively picking out avocados. Then I smiled. :)