Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Freebie: Waterworks Sugar

My fellow RSA parents, this one is just for you. 

I heard there is a RSA party at Waterworks Park this Friday from 11-4!  

In honor of our last weekend concluding an amazing summer,  I will give away 4  WATERWORKS PARK DAY passes!  Just click the link below, all you have to do is subscribe or comment below by Thursday at 2pm.  From theses comments or subscriptions, I will pick a winner tomorrow, Thursday at 3pm.  I will announce the RSA winner on this blog just after 3PM.  Your 4 FREE WATERWORKS PARK DAY PASSES will be waiting for you (under your name) at the entrance to Waterworks Park on Friday morning.

If you are not one of my RSA peeps, please don't pout.  Go to the Pottery Barn Gift Card freebie and party there.  Or go to yesterday's Scary Mom freebie.  Just don't pout because I can't take it and I might crumble into a million little tiny pieces and start to rummage through my cabinets looking for anything processed filled with sugar and corn syrup.  

Peace, Love and Sugar...A


  1. what a kind offer to share with your RSA families. my 2nd grader matthew would love to get there once this summer and i'm sure he could find a couple RSA friends to take with him!
    heather s


    Heather S. Let me know what name to leave them under!

    Enjoy! Congrats!

    Thank you posting!

  3. thanks alexis! that's awesome! i do have to work tomorrow though, is there any way we could use the passes on saturday? if not i will try to rearrange things for the afternoon friday. you can email me at to let me know. didn't you love the new school tonight?, so magnificent! thanks, heather sherman