Monday, August 22, 2011

Dispatch: Girls you will thank me for this.

11AM Juneau, AK

Here are a few shots of Juneau’s “natural resources.”  Girls, you can thank me later.  Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent and because I like to make up stories while people watching.
The weather is wet, misty and cloudy.  On our agenda is the famous “Tracy’s Crab Shack.” (According to Maxim magazine it is one of the 77 places to eat at before you die.) Possibly a trip to the Mendenhall Glaciers, local pub and/or a tram tour.  What I think about, when I think of Alaska, is that there is nine men to every one woman (I know, fascinating) and The Deadliest Catch.  I suspect this is because I have a hormone imbalance and Aqua-Man controls the TV.  Sorry about the rain drops on my lens.  
Tracy’s Crab Shack....his name is Jose; hot and steamy for 7-8 minutes.
Monte: single; looking for love and wants to go home to Hawaii.
Hans: enjoys talking about crimes of the heart and science fiction.
Alaska Commerce; made in China.
Joey: 29, enjoys movies, adventures and cooking.
Mendenhall Glacier is breathe taking.
Porky: native Alaskan, married with dozens of illegitimate children, not providing child support.
(Sorry, I can’t resist.) 
Do you know how porcupines mate?
Very carefully!  Hee Hee!
Grant: 26, skydiver and will rub your feet.
The paparazzi following me, again.  (btw: his name is Matt and is a Taurus)

Logan: 26, anthropology student, bartender, enjoys long walks on the beach...
This poor girl and I use the same fashion resource for this trip.

Aqua-Man: my favorite natural resource.  Isn't he adorable?
Peace, love and natural resources....A


  1. you crack me up. i have been sooo intrigued following your blogs, girl..very cool! so each time i wonder how kelly got his nickname...what's the scoop. and btw...i love "deadliest catch" but i am part man, so who, hope the crab was delish & u r having a blast!

  2. He got his name, because he is all about the water; boats, surfing, skiing, need boarding, fishing, drag boat racer, lover of a mermaid....;) He is truly Aqua-Man and when we are in or on the water, I never feel safer. He is my personal super hero. Thanks for reading and commenting. Makes such a huge place in my heart. LOVE, A.

  3. How did I miss this post? I love it. Makes me miss you even more. So glad you are writing this blog. Now I get to see inside your head, every day. I love it!