Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dispatch: Day Two

At Sea
These are some of my favorite days when cruising.  I like having no pressure to do anything.  It feels like a luxury, to have no agenda.   Now let me point out, that my “cruise director” Aqua-Man has memorized the “Cruise Compass” which is the daily agenda on steroids.  I like to wonder without a schedule (except at the spa).  It is overcast and misty outside, as you would expect in Alaska.  
We have decided to eliminate “formal night” so we did not have the pressure of packing and glam-ming up.  Our kids were not devastated by this decision.
In the background, there is a classical violinist playing and I am looking out into vast dark grey ocean.  This is my first cold water cruise, and the water is completely different from most of the places I have traveled before.  Normally I can’ wait to jump in the warm glorious aqua blue clear waters. Nope, not now.  I find myself ready for fall so this cool misty weather reminds me to snuggle up with a good book, a beanie and a massage therapist who has hands the size of dinner plates; or perhaps, an assortment of warm bamboo sticks....
Alec has joined a gang of other boys his age.  
Jillian is having a Bloody Mary with Aqua-man.  (Who has informed me that bingo and blackjack tournament start very soon.)
All is well at sea.
Peace, love and hands the size of dinner plates...A

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