Monday, August 22, 2011

Dispatch - Alert the Media: I have discovered the one thing every woman needs.

7AM Skagway My Way

The entire town of Skagway is 4 blocks wide and 22 blocks long.  As you can imagine this city’s primary function is to serve desperate tourists in search of that special something to bring home from their memorable travels.  This small town has a scandalous history of gold hunters, fearless women, and wild men who braved the elements.  Greeted by a madam upon boarding the shuttle to get into town; this fearless  woman is still working the streets, providing tours referencing Skagway’s history of good girls, ghosts and brothels.  I wanted to follow her, but thought better of having to answer to God  and more immediately,  my children.  After a full day of walking and driving over 150 miles to Emerald Bay,
this is what I will remember.
This is the single item that every woman needs to complete her fall, winter, spring and of course, summer wardrobe.  
Just one signature piece.  
For all of you that are green conscious, it is made of mostly natural materials and comes in a very recyclable, one size fits all.  (Cassy, this has your name on it besides Carrie will be so jealous. Idaho will never be the same.)

Because I am pro equal opportunity, I have not forgotten the hairier sex.  
I am sure you all know a rugged, hunter, adventure seeking, GQ, God fearing man. (Tom, my brother from another mother, you gotta have it!)
So here it girls; your Christmas shopping done early for you. 
I know.   
You can thank me later.
My kids slept the entire drive to and from Emerald Bay and wanted to know, why “that person (the madam) has money sticking out of her bra.”  
Peace, love and needing a good explanation....A


  1. OMG, best post ever! I'm still chuckling inside. So....where are the photos of you and Aqua Man trying on these furry friends???

  2. Oh, I forgot to ask. Is there any fur in the back, or do your butt cheeks just freeze to whatever chunk of ice you happen to be laying on?

  3. sorry i that would be a horror post. not much into horror or sci-fi....:)