Saturday, August 27, 2011

Days 5, 6, 7, 8 - Who do you appreciate?

Day 5: 5AM Tracy Arm Fjord
We arrived in Tracy Arm Fjord in the ridiculous hours of the morning.  Picture hundreds of hung over cruisers clutching a cup of coffee, in the freezing cold.  Really, who scheduled this?
Besides the glacier (and how swollen my face is), the most impressive part of this leg is how the Captain maneuvered the ship rotating it several times avoiding large chucks of ice. My weird visual is someone up there, looking down at us as if we are in a snow globe.  The globe contains our ship spinning around carrying tiny disoriented people with snow flakes whirling about. 

My children graced us with their presence for about 3 minutes and then disappeared into a hot tub with "the gang."  
The rest of the day was stressful.  Deciding what to eat and when to nap, just about sent me over the edge.
Day 6: Somewhere out at sea...
It is cold and rainy.  I am bloated. I want to go home.  I calm myself with a shellac manicure and pedicure, and a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cone.  

Day 7: 9AM Victoria, BC
I could possibly live here.  Absolutely beautiful and has great health care. 

Finally, sunny and 75 degrees. We caught a 27 year old with a pedicab.  My only complaint  is that he did not dawn spandex bike shorts.  He pedaled us through breathe taking 200 year old gardens, historic houses and other various landmarks, until Aqua Man decided he was pedaling too slow and then had him drop us in town for a little walk a bout.  This meant Aqua Man was hungry.
All and all a beautiful day;  then a much needed nap.  Watching someone pedal your family around is exhausting.  I am sure you all know what I mean.
My kids thought he was a really good bike rider.

Day 8: 8AM Seattle, WA

Finally found my children and persuaded them to disembark.
Stopped at Pikes Market, and smelled the flowers and the fish.
Aqua Man, aka Mario Andretti, drove 600 miles home in less than 10 hours.  
Now the laundry begins, if I don’t resurface in 4 days, please send help.  Preferably an intense Chinese Lady with a “fluff and fold” obsession who channels Jillian Michael to whip me back into shape.  

Now that would be a really disturbing snow globe.
Peace, Love and Appreciation....A


  1. Wow what a great vaca! I love I totally read these in your voice : ) and I love that your kids drink pelligreno haha : ) <3

  2. Funny, I was just thinking the same thing. I totally read this in your voice.