Monday, August 1, 2011

brazilian bikini or bust

i can't stop thinking about Brazil.

first, about the about bikinis. (i know right!)

Brazil is poised to be the next super power.  it makes sense to me that a country with social values of make love, not war, play soccer, strong spiritual values, drink whenever possible, dance, surf, and strut your stuff in a tiny bikini...what more could you want?

my love, my country is in the biggest economic debate ever, we can't balance our budget, we are obsessive about making money, we have been in a war for almost forever, we rarely speak about what God thinks, we don't play much (and if we do it is not held in high regard), we don't value the natural beauty of all body types and only the privileged should be seen in a bikini and photo shopped if in print.  Oh yeah, and we do drink - to cope!

this causes me to think about my life. what do i value?  what are my priorities? why do we americans always seem like we are chasing our tails?  why is it that we are critical of ourselves and others? why are we always at war? why do we work most of life?  is it fear? greed? egos? power? really is this what it is about?

or should we love more? play wildly? judge others less? enjoy food, dance recklessly, and celebrate life more?

or is it really about loving ourselves more,wearing a bikini and not giving crap about what other people think.

what do you think?

Love, love, love and more love,


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