Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Inside Spring

i love things that are inside of things.  like seeds, secrets boxes, lockets, easter eggs, presents.....  this is what i found inside my new hanging basket.

it makes me happy.

a long time ago, my friend cassy who has a fetish for weird antiques placed a "beauty mark jar" (i guess you kept your beauty marks and moles in a jar in the old days - i hope this does not make a come back) on the bedside table next to the bed i sleeping in.  knowing that i would instinctively have to look inside it, she hid a special "beauty mark" inside.  i opened it to find a moldy black ball of clay with hair stuck to it.  her version of a giant hairy mole aka: beauty mark.  can you believe she put it inside a beautiful ceramic keepsake box to creep me out?!   i know, how mean!  she is also known to cook dinner with a rainbow afro wig on and party by herself.  (two of my favorite things about her.)  she will forever to be known as "my mole jar friend" as pay back.  i might even start blogging about her....stay tuned for "Tales about the Mole Jar Lady."

i still look inside things.

i still love my weird friends because they are weirder than me.

big loves,



  1. Oh my gosh, I have never heard this story before. So funny. I love it! So glad I am not one of your weird friends. :)

  2. Sorry Carol, you are at the top of my list.