Thursday, February 3, 2011

family trip: Park City

Aqua Man and Little Man
finally a family trip!  we are in beautiful Park City Utah.  my super cool "bro" Mike invited us to be with him and his family in their rad condo right at the base of PC Mountain Village.  very cool place. very convenient, great amenities, restaurants, shopping, art galleries and lifts all within walking distance.  the last time i was here was about 30 years ago and it has grown up big time!

let me start by saying skiing is one of the only sports that i can keep up with Aqua Man.  so it is quite satisfying for me.  however Aqua Man has announced that he would rather be warm and in water not on frozen water and he does not like to be cold.  it was minus 17 so he does have a point.  the babes however -  love it!   "Little man" skies just like Aqua Man with great form and is a "smooth operator" (more about this later).  Bean is also quite good.  addicted to speed and likes to ride the lift alone.  i think this is her way of saying "i am old enough " - so there!  (however who knows what she is thinking...i am never quite sure what she is thinking.)  i like skiing watching Aqua Man and my little ones, effortlessly conquer another sport.  i love that they are coordinated and athletic and watch with great pride and think again and again, "i was sure smart to have babies with Aqua Man..."  

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