Sunday, January 30, 2011

my baby bean turns 9

these are the cupcakes that i made for Jillian's class on her birthday. it was followed by a birthday party at party x with all of her favorite things (more pictures to follow) and a sleep over for five of her favorite girls (thank God 5 of my favorite girls also).

i, of course am living vicariously through her and because of her because everything she does either thrills me or tortures me for the same reasons most mothers are tormented by their daughters (stop reading if you are not one of these people).  the truth, anyway you slice it, is our daughters mirror us and have been given to us to help us learn those oh so painful lessons that i hate to even think about.  so here they are here to provide a constant visual 24 hours a day.  at least this is my reality.  this is not so, for my perfect friend Carol.  she of has 4 daughters and they are all perfect, unique and all different and also my favorite girls.  this is why Carol is my best friend cause on a daily basis i stand in awe of her and the mere (ha!) fact that she and her little mini Me's are perfect.  sorry got off track ....back to Jillie Bean and the birthday festivities....

Jillian is her mother's daughter and know this you will know that she carefully orchestrated the event. and i executed.  (one of my love languages includes throwing extraordinary parties for those i love but only those i really love love.)  her requests included:

 the cake 

the cake which she carefully drew a picture of back in December

the invites

the invites which by the way must be followed up with at least 3 emails prior to the event because parents will do everything they can to forget about another "birthday" party. for which i have no judgement.  (believe me i have lots of other things i judge)

real food

Chinese food which she specifically asked for "orange chicken"(not pictured)  i think that was devoured first. real food is also another way to bride parents to come to the dreaded "birthday" party.

the grandma's

"wawa" and "nana" 2 women (that should act their age) and will move heaven and earth to make her happy.

the crown

she requested a crown.  normally she does like attention but i think in this case she felt entitled. so she capitalized on the occasion.

the guest book

documentation that her friends adore her

i love this one

a face painter and....
one of her favorite friends

a balloon artist....

the birthday girl and mama

the daddy managing the bat

a pinata (which i will never do again)

the chosen ones

a sleep over for 5.  which i survived. i hope you survived this post.  i will try not to post any more 9 year old birthdays.  however stay tuned for 10 through 46 coming soon.

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  1. You're such an awesome mom! I absolutely love all of this.. Jilly Bean is da bomb.. and so are you : ) .. this makes me excited for Chloe's birthdays : )