Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 days, 5 women and a lake...

i just spent the last five days on Lake Shasta (on our houseboat) with some of the most incredible women.  my best friend Carol was there and 4 others.  Carol actually gets to spend most of her time with these girls (they all work together).  i can't being to tell you how satisfied i feel.  i am actually quite perplexed by how full my "love tank" is.  i am sad that they are all gone.  i am jealous that they are all together daily, but not really jealous just want to be with them, work with them.  i can't imagine being part of a team that cares so deeply for each other.  how effective they must be...  how wonderful for them....what a brilliant person that put these women together...(i know this man and he is brilliant.)

we all came exhausted.  broken with relationship problems. self worth questions, you know the usual, etc.  so as girls do, we talked, cried, ate, laughed, talked some more, cried, ate, soaked in the sun, drove around in the ski boat, swam, ate, read, cried, talked some more and strategized on how to solve our problems.  i felt so connected and mostly (except Carol) barely knew these women.  odd because of this one weekend and all of them, has made a difference in my life, that is i will never forget.

i think i finally get the girlfriend thing. i am 45.

how do i teach Jillian how to be a good girlfriend?

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